Prosthodontics in simple terms is the branch of dentistry that deals with the replacement of missing teeth and thereby enhancing aesthetics.Teeth maybe lost due various reasons such as trauma, age related wearing of teeth or inherent lack of teeth. Tooth loss may lead to decrease in esthetic appeal and functional efficiency of oral cavity as a whole. Therefore it is essential to replace them. Prosthodontists replace the missing teeth and make smiles look beautiful and make the oral cavity function the way they should.

Typical Prosthodontic Treatments

Dental Implants

Fixed Partial Denture– Includes crown and bridges

Removable Partial Dentures

Complete denture


Complete denture is a removable prosthesis that replaces all natural teeth. Complete denture is very common for geriatric patients.

Completed Dentures Lead to

  • Replacement of teeth. This leads to improving esthetics.
  • Improves chewing ability.
  • Aids in speech and pronunciation especially of the letters- s,l,u,v,t and p.
  • Prevents sagging of the cheek and lips which tend to make patient look old.
  • All this leads to improving self esteem and confidence.


  • Primary impression is taken on the first day
  • A functional impression is taken on the second appointment which records the border areas as well as the tissues in a functional relation.
  • Bite is taken which establishes the relation between the jaws.
  • Teeth are arranged and the bite is tried in the patient first before acrylizing the denture.
  • Final denture is given.

The success of the complete denture depends on the level of support acquired from bone as well as from the supporting tissue.

A Removable partial denture is one that replaces one or more missing teeth. In this situation the patient has a set of remaining natural teeth and also a set of artificial teeth.


  • Easy to use
  • Less Expensive


  • Less stable than fixed denture
  • Aesthetics is not as good as compared to fixed partial denture.

Procedure for Getting Denture

  • Impression of the missing teeth as well as the jaw taken
  • A wax try in is done after placing teeth.
  • Final Denture is delivered